Change History

Here is a list of the new features/changes in each version of TrackMate:

Version 7.11 (April 24, 2023):
  • Fixed issue with HyTek results export. Also affected other export targets.
  • HyTek results exports now includes prelim and final results.
  • Added ability to have up to 4 alternates in relay events.
Version 7.04.1 (March 8, 2023):
  • Changed permissions of default timing system folder to fix problems with timing systems reading/writing files. If you are using the default timing system folder and you get errors such as not being able to load the start list, this may fix the issue.
Version 7.04 (October 10, 2022):
  • New look, including support for hi-resolution screens.
  • Better support for importing/exporting results.
  • Better support for advancing meet winners to next round of competition.
  • Faster save/auto-save.
  • TrackMate installer creates shared folder for use with timing system with read/write permissions.
  • TrackMate installer now must be run as administrator.
  • TrackMate installer uninstalls old version before installing new version.
Version 6.95 (March 8, 2021):
  • Changed to SSL upload of web results. This update is required to continue to upload results to the web. Otherwise, you get an error when uploading.
  • Converted from 32 bit to 64 bit executable.
  • Changed installer to allow installation on Windows Server OS.
Version 6.94 (March 8, 2020):
  • Changed HTML export to be more standardized, simplifying export to MileSplit.
Version 6.93 (April 28, 2019):
  • Changed Hy-Tek export to round times in thousands of a second up to next highest hundredth of a second.
Version 6.92 (April 8, 2019):
  • Fixed problem with format of printed final results packet for final heats.
  • EVT file for timing system now written in event order. This helps get event order correct for some timing systems that do not use the schedule file for event ordering.
  • The timing system EVT file will be written even if there are no events with heats assigned. This is useful for testing timing system setup before the meet.
Version 6.90 (September 15, 2018):
  • In addition to Hy-Tek Entries format, you can now also export to Hy-Tek Results format. Both are semicolon delimieted text files. The Entries format is for advancing results from one meet to another, and the Results format contains all of the results of the meet (prelims, finals, places, points, etc.).
  • Added a Recent File history, which remembers the last 10 files you have opened in TrackMate. This allows you to quickly find the saved location of multiple meet data files.
Version 6.83 (April 23, 2018):
  • Changed naming of Hy-Tek Semicolon Delmited file to .csv
Version 6.82 (October 22, 2017):
  • Heat sheets can be exported directly to PDF files.
  • You can print/export result of prelim heats from multiple events in one step.
  • Added TFRRS export.
  • You can now import entries in Hy-Tek semicolon delimited results format.
  • Minor improvements.
Version 6.74 (December 11, 2016):
  • You can now import entries in Hy-Tek semicolon delimited format.
  • Upload speed for web results is now many times faster.
  • Minor improvements.
Version 6.72 (April 17, 2015):
  • Fixed problem with uploading results to web.
  • Fixed problem with field events when importing meets.
Version 6.70 (December 13, 2014):
Version 6.60 (April 16, 2013):
  • Improved exporting to Hy-Tek format. You now have complete control over how the meet is exported. Advancing the results of your meet to another meet that requires Hy-Tek input format is a breeze.
  • If you use qualifying distances and heights, field events now can be sorted with best flights first.
Version 6.52 (March 20, 2013):
  • Under Point Totals, you have always been able to see the top 10 athletes based on total points. Now, you can also see the top athletes based on track events only, as well as field events only.
  • Improved preliminary heat assignments when not using qualifying times.
Version 6.51 (March 14, 2013):
  • Fixed issue with relays and timing system interface.
  • Fixed default heat assignment rules when using qualifying times.
  • You can now print meet results and meet program directly to PDF, without requirement to have Adobe Acrobat installed.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.
Version 6.50 (December 29, 2012):
  • Added support for Windows 8.
  • You can now print a meet program, which contains a summary of all entries in all events for the meet.
  • Advancing runners to semi-final and final heats is more flexible. You can advance some runners by place, and some by time. This is useful for advancing heat leaders.
Version 6.43 (May 19, 2012):
  • You can add entries directly into events much more easily.
  • Improved interface (resizeable windows).
  • You can now merge meets together into one file.
  • Added new export features. You can export results to another TrackMate data file, to a tab-delimited text file, or to a Hy-Tek Semicolon Delimited file.
  • You can now add entries into each event directly using athlete number only.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 6.33 (April 2, 2011):
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 6.32 (March 25, 2011):
  • Added new format for entering distances without puncutation (ex: 70125 = 7'-1 1/4").
  • Added new format for entering times without punctuation (ex: 12345 = 1:23.45).
  • Collation now works to all printers.
  • Fixed file extension problem with Vista and Windows 7.
  • Fixed problem with uploading results to website.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 6.30.1 (January 6, 2011):
  • Fixed file saving bug.
Version 6.30 (January 3, 2011):
  • Added online results.
  • Implemented auto-save.
Version 6.20.2 (March 12, 2010):
  • Fixed school point total problem.
Version 6.20.1 (February 28, 2010):
  • Fixed printing issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Windows 95, 98 and ME are no longer supported.
Version 6.14 (October 29, 2009):
  • Added support for dual meets.
Version 6.04 (April 3, 2009):
  • Print ribbon labels for prelims of field events as well as running events.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 6.02 (September 3, 2008):
  • Added interface to FlashTiming timing system (
  • Improved timing system support.
Version 6.00 (July 26, 2008):
  • Introduced online (web based) entries.
Version 5.24 (March 14, 2008):
  • Bug fixes in interface to FinishLynx timing system.
Version 5.20 (February 25, 2008):
  • Added interface to Eagle Eye timing system (
  • Fixed bug with File Save extensions.
Version 5.12 (January 5, 2008):
  • Added support for Windows Vista.
  • Added exhibition only entries. Such entries can compete at all levels, but cannot get a final place or points.
  • Added control over advancement to the next level of competition. You can tell TrackMate that an entry should not be advanced to the next level of competition, regardless of their time/distance/height. This is useful if you would like an athlete to compete at one level of competition, but not advance any further.
Version 5.10 (July 19, 2006):
  • Added interface to FinishLynx timing system (
  • Optional recording of results to thousandths of a second.
Version 5.01 (August 18, 2005):
  • Added copy/paste of athlete names to/from clipboard.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 5.00 (July 23, 2005):
  • Added athlete numbering.
  • Added school point totals to HTML output.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 4.22 (July 29, 2004):
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 4.20 (April 20, 2004):
  • Added better support for waterfall starts.
  • Added ability to control scoring for multiple relay teams from the same school.
  • Improved prelim heat assignments for runners with no prelim times.
  • Added time/distance/height to award label printouts.
Version 4.10 (May 8, 2003):
  • Added support for metric distances and heights.
  • Added ability to print award labels.
Version 4.01 through 4.05:
  • Added support for HTML (web) file generation.
  • Various minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 4.00:
  • Added ability to do semi-finals.
  • Added much more control over heat assignments.
  • Multiple relay teams per school.
  • Many other changes....