Online Entries Screen Shots

This is the main login screen for online entries.
When you login as a meet host, you will see a list of all of your online meets. From here, you can either edit an existing meet, or create a new one.
When you edit a meet, you will see the Meet Administration Page. From here, you manage all aspects of the meet, and download the entries before the meet.
Adding schools to the meet is easy. If you have a school's e-mail address, you can use TrackMate Online to send them an invitation to do their entries online.
This is the main page for a school that will participate in the meet. They will receive an e-mail link that will take them directly to this page. They don't even need to create an account.
Using online entries is very easy for the participating schools. They first add athletes to their roster in each division.
Once a school has filled out their roster, they add the entries to each event. They can add qualifying times and distances, if desired.
Each school can download a PDF file containing a summary of all of their entries.