TrackMate Screen Shots

This is the main window of TrackMate. The window is organized to lead you through the steps needed to run your meet.
The "New Meet" wizard guides you through the process of creating a new meet.
The "Heats & Results" window allows you to automatically assign heats and enter results for each event.
Point totals are available at any time during the meet.
TrackMate can be used with several fully-automated-timing systems (FAT's), including FinishLynx, Flash Timing and EagleEye.
You can easily upload your results to the web. With one click, TrackMate will send your results to the Sports Automation website, where anyone can view the full meet results. If you have web access, you can even upload the results several times during the meet, so everyone has access to meet results while the meet is still being run!